How to Winterize a Jet Ski that won’t start?

Jet ski on dual trailer

Every wave runner should be winterized even if the unit does not run. If it ran that season and there was a problem you would like to diagnose the next spring, you will want to winterize it so no further damage occurs. How to winterize a jet ski that won’t start? To winterize a jet … Read more

Do Jet Ski’s Turn Around When You Fall Off?

Kawasaki 650sx on dual trailer

Stand Up Jet skis are one of the best items on the market when it comes to fun factor. Not only do you have to ride it, but you have to start on your knees, pull yourself up, and balance for fun. It is not a simple pull the throttle and go. Standup jet skis … Read more

The Best way to DeWinterize your Jet Ski

Honda FX12 on single trailer

It is just as important to (de)winterize your jet ski or summerize the waverunner after it has sat for many months over the winter. This is true for simple 2 stroke skis as well as new 4 stroke muscle craft. By doing proper maintenance to your watercraft, this will ensure that it runs top-notch in … Read more

How much does a Jet Ski Lift Cost?

Jet ski on floating dock

Jet ski lifts are made to moore your watercraft out of the water at your house or public area. They are designed to get your hull out of the water so your jet ski does not sink in rough water, bang against a dock all day, as well as keep the hull clean and algae … Read more

How to Winterize a Jet Ski the Easy Way

Fogging Honda jet ski with oil

Taking care of your waverunner or jet ski is very important to its lifespan. If you live in an area where you will pull your watercraft out of the water for extended periods of time and not ride it, you will need to winterize it even if it wont freeze. If you don’t live in … Read more

What is the Best Jetski Anchor to Buy? Here are Top PWC Anchors

2007 Honda Aquatrax F12X

Many times while on a PWC you will come across a time when you wish to anchor your ski, whether you are stopped for lunch, are having engine trouble, or even parked at a friends house. These are the top PWC anchors available on the market today. What is the best Jetski anchor to buy? … Read more

Best Yamaha Superjet Mods that will Improve your Riding Now

2010 Yamaha Superjet on dock

There are many mods available for the popular Yamaha Superjet that will in fact improve your riding experience. From speed mods to handling mods, each will play a part in making you a better rider and get more enjoyment out of your ski. The mods have been placed in order of importance as we would … Read more