50+ Best Jet Ski Accessories you Must Have

Below are the top PWC / Jet Ski accessories you need for your adventures on the water. Whether you have a sit down waverunner or a stand up jet ski, these accessories will come in handy. These items are great for gifts or just because it is a Saturday. Happy riding!

Life Jacket

A life jacket is truly a must have. You literally have to have one on to ride legally, and you should have one on at all times. Make sure to buy one that isn’t restricting and gives you plenty of motion as well as flotation. Here is our favorite jacket and our top pick.

Bungee Dock Line

Bungee dock lines come in hand for mooring at a dock, towing behind a boat, or mooring with an anchor. It relieves the stress off of your jet ski tie ups allowing some cushion to not damage your ski if the water is rough. We use these on our anchor line with a fixed rope tied to the dock. This bungee line keeps the ski away from hitting the dock, but allows us to get on and ride without getting wet.


If we go on a long ride, sometimes we will bring lunch and drinks. Having a soft cooler to store our food and ice helps keep our food fresh. This model fits in our front storage compartment. Some newer ski’s may have enough room to strap a hard cooler on the back, if that works for you, then try this cooler.

Jet Ski Rack

If you are into fishing, hauling coolers, or needing the ability to bring along more gear, our favorite rack is aluminum and lightweight, and will also allow you to bring along 6 of your favorite fishing poles.

Camelbak Backpack

If you are a hardcore rider, you may need to stay hydrated. A Camelbak backpack will allow you to sip on water and keep on riding at the same time. This backpack is lightweight and great for hiking as well.

Waterproof Speaker

When you get to your riding destination or even while on your ride as most older PWC’s don’t have speakers, blast the music with this waterproof speaker and stay pumped on the ride or at the sandbar.

Waterproof Container

You will need a spot to store your registration, phone, wallet, etc. and keep it dry. This waterproof box is great for keeping your valuables dry and in one place.

Waterproof Phone Case

If you want to keep your phone handy at the sandbar or need to look up something while on your ski, a waterproof phone case is a must. A dry bag for cell phones is universal and is cheap insurance to keep your phone dry. If you want full functionality of your phone, you may want to invest in a actual phone case like this one here for the iPhone X.

Dry Bag

If you are going on an overnight trip or have extra clothes to bring, but don’t want them getting wet, consider purchasing a dry bag. They are fairly cheap, but will keep your dry items dry.


If you are a great rider or just want to capture the scenery, a GoPro can help you out. The new models are waterproof up to 33 feet without a case and will capture your day in stunning resolution.

GoPro Mount

If you have the GoPro you will need a mount. This is a great handlebar mount where as this mount kit will allow you to mount many other ways.

Telescoping Paddle

If you have ever had a dead battery on a ski, this will save you and you will thank me for buying. A telescoping paddle to keep in your storage at all times will come in handy if you ever have a dead ski.


An anchor comes in handy if you ever need to leave your ski and you are not on a dock. It also comes in handy while parked at a dock. If you are at a dock you can throw the anchor away from the ski and tie the opposing side of the ski from the dock to the anchor line. This will keep your ski away from the dock and protect it from getting dock damage. We like this simple 3.5 pound anchor that can be used in all varieties of sea beds as well as stuck in the sand on the beach.


If you are a serious rider, you should invest in a helmet. This will save you on your stand up ski from hitting your head on your pole or on the side of the ski if you were to take a bad fall. Fly Racing has some great helmets available in a variety of colors.


Goggles are great to have especially if the water is rough or you are doing subs or other tricks. You will be able to focus on your driving and not worry about water in your eyes. These goggles are great as they are smoked lenses to give you some sun protection, but won’t cut visibility on a cloudy day.

Solar Charger / Jump Starter

A solar charger is a must have if you have an old Seadoo as their electronic key is known to constantly drain the battery. Therefore if you don’t ride for two weeks, it will be dead. This model will keep your battery topped off. Additionally, it is nice to travel with a jump starter in case you do have a dead battery in the middle of the lake. It also comes in handy if you need to charge your phone.

PWC Fenders

Fenders will keep your ski from banging up against the dock. No longer will you have to use your life jacket as a fender and get that all messed up. These fenders come in pairs of 2 and are great for ski’s.

Jet Ski Cover

Covering your jet ski will keep it looking as good as new, keep bird droping’s off of it as well as help keep it secure. Learn more about PWC security from our article. I typically like form fitting covers that are factory instead of universal covers. For example, if you have a Superjet, I like this cover, if you have a RXT-X this factory one will do.

Race Collar

If you are in to flips, barrel rolls, and other tricks, a race collar will save your neck in case of an accident. This model will keep your neck safe and straight.


If you have some kids a tube is a must have. Tubes are fun to ride aggressively as well as ride slow and relax. This tube fits a few riders to ride or relax on.

Tow Rope

A tow rope will allow you to tow your tube, another jet ski, or be towed. It is always important to have a rope available on your jet ski.

Impeller Protector

One time while wake boarding behind our jet ski we sucked up the rope. Let me tell you that was a horrible experience. We had to swim to shore, flag down a boater on a Sunday night, get towed back, pull the ski out, and cut all of the rope off of the driveshaft. This simple accessory could have saved us HOURS of time.

PWC Safety Lanyard

An extra lanyard or even this upgraded one will stay on your hand better than an old flimsy 20 year old lanyard. It is also required to keep a whistle on your boat to get the attention of other boaters. This universal lanyard is great as you can remove the keys that don’t fit on your jet ski.

Jet Ski Stand

When it is wintertime or time to complete maintenance it is easier to store your jet ski on a stand while working as a trailer is large and hard to move around in the garage. A stand will allow you to get closer and will lower your jet ski to a good working position.

Sea Scooter

Sea Scooters are fun toys if you are into snorkeling. If you are jet skiing on the ocean and like to snorkel, this is a great accessory to get you deeper without scaring fish away with the moving of your fins.

Jet Ski Shore Ramp

If you live at the beach you may want a lift to keep your ski out of the water. This will keep the sand out of the impeller and keep your ski from floating away. These single ski lifts are great and can also be used for a small aluminum boat.

Reboarding Ladder

A reboarding ladder is great to have for those skis which are high. They will give you a step to get on the ski before you reach the ski. There are universal ladders you can purchase which have to be installed and removed each time you stop, but I like ski specific like this example for a RXP.


A wetsuit will be handy if the water is cold in your area. I usually use one in the spring and early summer. In the spring a full wetsuit and booties is a must, but summer you may only need a shorty.

Self Leveling Drink Holder

New jet skis are starting to come with cupholders, unless you have a bottle with a screw off lid, chances are you will not be able to take a soda on a ride. The good news is that there is an option available. A self leveling cupholder. These are great as they will always stay straight up and down. As far as mounting options, there is handlebar mounts as well as suction cup mounts. This will leave you refreshed while on a ride.

Jet Ski Lock

A lock will keep your jet ski from being taken from either the dock or while on your trailer. We like this cable lock as it is easy to thread through your bow eye loop and through a dock post or trailer. To learn more about keeping your watercraft from being stolen, read our top tips here.

Dock Line

You will always need rope in your ski if you are parking at a marina or launching your ski. Keep a few of these ropes in your ski at all times. They will also come in handy for towing just in case.

Tube Inflater

If you plan on tubing or laying out on an inflatable mattress, you will need a tube inflator. Unless you are full of hot air, this will quickly inflate or deflate any tube or water toy. This model will work both on 12v DC as well as a normal household plug.


Flares are a must have item for safety. If you ride on the ocean or a large lake these are truly necessary if your ski fails. This flare gun can be seen for miles.

Whistle or Air Horn

Whether you get a whistle or an air horn will be decided on where you ride and how close to shore or other boats you can get. An air horn is better for long distances, whereas a whistle is smaller, but is not as loud.


Riding gloves are great so you don’t get blisters from the grips if you are an aggressive rider. While on my standup, I get blisters on my thumbs when I ride. Picking up a pair of these gloves has saved my hands.

Rash Guard

A rash guard will not only keep you from getting turf burns, it will also protect you from the suns rays and keep you cooler. If you are riding a stand up, a long sleeve is a must.


Booties will keep your feet warmer in the early spring or fall as well as give you some extra traction when you are riding especially if you have a stand up.

Tool Set

When you are on the water you will want some basic tools to remove spark lugs or preform small repairs either on the trailer or on the water. Make sure your stock tool kit is stocked and has all the tools you would need. We like this set to bring in the truck when we ride.


A screwdriver comes in handy in case you need to remove a battery cable, tighten hoses, etc. We like this 11 in 1 model as it takes care of pretty much whatever we throw at it.


Pliers are great to keep on your ski for small repairs while on the run. This set will do great.


A flashlight can help guide you around in the dark if you get stuck out on the water. It can also be used as a signal in case you do get stuck out in the dark, or need to make a repair in your engine bay. We like this small rechargeable battery flashlight.


Tape can always come in handy either in your tool kit or on the go. If you need to reattach anything or mount something to your PWC, gaffers tape leaves no residue and is available in many colors.


They say cash is king. It is always nice to have some cash just in case you need to pay someone for a tow, buy a sandwich, or pay back your buddy. Bring some emergency cash along.


Knives come in handy in many situations. We like this stainless steel knife that will not rust and will stay in your hands when wet. Buy a bright color so you can locate it quickly in case of emergency.

Bow Eye Loop

A bow eye loop is very helpful for trailering your ski, towing it with a boat, or tying to a dock. This adds a loop that makes it easy to attach a rope without having to get under the ski. Bow eye loops are pretty much universal, but this model is one of the best. For a bow eye loop, you will also need this.

Trailer Lock

A trailer coupler lock is a must have to keep your trailer from being stolen. We like this model. To find out more items to protect your trailer or ski from being stolen, check out are article.


Straps will help tie down your jet ski on your trailer so it does not fall off while rounding a corner. These transom tie down straps will work with most ski’s.


Jet ski’s should be kept looking like new. You will also want to protect the hull from UV rays from the sun as they will always be outside. This is one of our favorite waxes for our skis and boats.


Instead of wearing my expensive sunglasses, if I am on my standup I will wear a pair of these. They will strap to your head so you do not loose them on a hard turn.

Sunglass Lanyard

I have lost many sunglasses to the lake. This lanyard is great to keep them on, if you are really dangerous, a floating lanyard may be a benefit to get. Keep in mind to make sure your glasses are securely attached to your lanyard.