Can You Add a Slide to a Pontoon Boat? 3 Great Options

We’ll bet anything that if you’re here, reading this article, you love your pontoon boat. It’s good for most any summer occasion, whether it be the Fourth of July, a family visit, or a free day you’d just like to spend on the water. But, there’s no reason not to wonder how you can make it that much better. So, can you add a slide to a pontoon boat?

Adding a slide to a pontoon boat is very simple if you go the inflatable route. For real ease of use, we recommend buying an inflatable slide instead of a fixed plastic model. They are quick to install and uninstall to your pontoon boat and you don’t have to make any permanent modifications.

But what does a pontoon slide add? What’s the cost? Is the money worth what you’ll get out of it? In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions and more, hopefully addressing all of your points of curiosity.

How To Install a Pontoon Boat Slide

For this project, we recommend an inflatable slide. Why? Because using an inflatable slide makes improving your pontoon boat no project at all. It’s as simple as blowing it up, and throwing it over the rail. Just watch as your pontoon boat turns from a simple vessel to a waterpark in this one easy step.

Usually, pontoon slides come as deflated rubber blow-up structures. When inflated, these packages will turn into an angled inflatable structure which you can simply position over the side of your boat.

The really convenient thing about inflatable pontoon slides is that you don’t have to do any measuring and nothing needs to be screwed in. They’re adaptable, and their floating design means they’ll stay above water without having to be screwed to your pontoon.

If you’ve been wanting to add a little something extra to your pontoon without pulling out all the stops, a pontoon slide is the way to go. We recommend leaving the slide deflated until you get to where you want to swim. When you arrive at this destination, take an electric air pump and blow it up. The odds are it won’t take more than a few minutes.

Some double decker pontoon boats have a fixed slide on the roof. These can be top heavy and harder to tow due to their height. Plastic fixed mounted slides are available with ladders, but we recommend against them as you will have to permanently install them on your boat. They can interfere with your playpen cover, bimini tops, or any mooring covers you may have.

But, what will these slides add? And is the cost worth the benefit?

Good Pontoon Boat Slides

By now, you’ve probably worked out whether or not you want to spend your money on a pontoon boat slide. So here are a couple options for if you’re leaning yes.

The Aquaglide is great quality and our largest choice at over 13′ in length!

The SportsStuff SPILLWAY is a great choice for those who want ease of use. It’s quick to inflate, is 10’5″ long and easy to use.

Rave has been making high quality water toys for years, so with its high pressure automatic inflator, you can only expect the best. This option is about 9′.

If you want something a little more extravagant, the RAVE Sports Splash Zone may be the way to go. While technically not a slide by itself, we still call it a great addition to your pontoon boat toy arsenal.

Are Pontoon Slides Worth It?

Pontoons are fun as they are, but adding a little something to them can put you over the edge as the person to go to for a fun summer day. But the cost can be… a little much. You wouldn’t expect it of these innocent looking little devices, but they can actually run you up quite the bill, but may not be much more expensive than a nice wakeboard or even a towable tube and provide lots of fun for you and your kids.

Your average pontoon slide will usually cost you about $500. Pontoon slides with extra features like floating platforms and detachability might cost you up to $1000.

Knowing all of this, you might be reconsidering your choice to buy a pontoon boat slide. But, don’t be so hasty. Yes, the cost is high, but if you have kids, or just like to have fun yourself, you may just be looking at a good investment with a pontoon boat slide. Plus this is always much cheaper than buying a lake cabin with all of the inflatable toys and a dock to upkeep.

Kids Love Pontoon Boat Slides

If you’ve ever taken your child to a water park or a simple run-of-the-mill playground, you know one thing- kids are somehow magically attracted to slides. As an adult, you probably can’t find the appeal as easy as kids. They burn the backs of your legs, and only last a few seconds. Still, to kids, they’re amusement parks in themselves.

Getting an inflatable pontoon boat slide will give your kids something to do other than jump in the water. That can be fun, but after a little while, their legs will get tired and they’ll get sick of doggy-paddling around in the water.

When this happens, you may find yourself stuck with some ornery kids who want to go back home. If the outing was partially about the parents having fun, too, this can get troublesome. Think of the pontoon boat slide as a way to elongate the amount of time your kids will be preoccupied.

So, it may be worth it for some peace of mind to keep your kids active in the water and at the lake.

Adults Can Get in on the Fun, Too!

No matter your age, a water slide is fun. Those playground things with the oven-hot surfaces and wood chips at the bottom- those have lost all appeal. But a quick descent before being launched into the water with a splash? Why not?

If you’re the kind of person who loves the kind of people who love to have plain old fun, a pontoon slide may be right for you. If you’ve got the money, you’ll definitely enjoy this simple little addition.

And it works well for the lazy fun-lovers, too. An inflatable pump isn’t too much of a cost addition, so you don’t have to worry about having to waste your breath pumping the thing up. In a matter of minutes, it’ll be up and ready to use.

All in All

So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your pontoon boat and give the kids something extra to do, a pontoon boat slide is a quick and easy addition- just pump it up and throw it over the side.