How Long Can A Boat Stay In Saltwater Without Bottom Paint?

Powerwashing a boat hull

The growth of organisms on the bottom of a boat is a permanent issue that all boat owners must contend with. After a weekend on a lake, even hauling out will require the bottom to be cleaned and washed before storage. Boats that are always removed from the water and trailered to storage will not … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Dock A Boat For A Year 

sailoats at dry dock for winter storage

Owning a boat comes at considerable fixed monthly costs. Docking fees at ports or marinas along your route are calculated based on the length of your boat or yacht. If you cannot trailer your boat back to storage on the hard after each outing, the only alternative is to dock it somewhere safe.  Regular docking … Read more

How Much Does A Boat Bimini Top Cost

Open bow boat on a trailer with Bimini top

The comfort of a Bimini top to protect you, your guests and your boat from the harsh UV rays of the sun is essential for boating enjoyment. Bimini tops come in permanent hardtop or collapsible soft-top version with and without transparent screens.  Good quality Bimini top kits are available from Amazon ranging between $200 and … Read more

How Much Does A Cuddy Cabin Weigh? Plus Five Examples

Boat anchored with canvas on

The term cuddy has been around since the seventeen hundreds in colonial America, and the word refers to a small cozy hut. The cuddy cabin was associated with a level of luxury not available to the people in steerage. In modern times a cuddy boat refers to a small boat with a sheltered cabin where … Read more

How To Keep Seagulls Off Your Boat? 3 Best Options

Seagull standing on the beach

What an annoyance! You’ve just arrived at the dock to spend a leisurely day on the water when you notice a flock of seagulls hanging out on your pontoon boat. Even worse, they’ve left waste all over the deck and seats. Instead of enjoying your outing, you are now stuck cleaning surfaces that, if left … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Boat Engine Starter?

Boat Engine with the cowl removed

Boats have their own type of starters that are similar to cars and trucks but are not interchangeable. Boat starters are made specially to protect against moisture and contaminants. They also protect against stray sparks that can cause explosions if they come into contact with the gas that can sometimes build up in the bilge … Read more

How Large of a Garage Door do You Need for a Boat? 

House with a boat parked in the driveway

Boating is one of the most enjoyable spring through fall activities in the world. However, if you live in climates with freezing temperatures, there comes that sad time of year when it’s time to park your boat for the winter. For maximum protection and security, the best place to park your boat is in a … Read more

Should You Drop Anchor in a Storm?

Boat anchored with canvas on

Anchoring your boat is always possible with the right equipment (traditional anchors or “sea anchors”), but it isn’t always safe to do so during inclement weather. You should never take your boat out if there is a storm coming in, but sometimes they can take you by surprise. At that point, you may be wondering … Read more

Why Should a Boat’s Gas Tank Never Be Completely Filled?

Boat Gas Dock

Depending on the type of boat you have, you will either use ethanol-free gas, ethanol gas, or diesel fuel. The majority of boat owners with average-sized or small boats use ethanol gas because this is the most widely accessible form of gasoline. If you are using ethanol gas, it is important to know how high … Read more