Do All Boats Need To Be Winterized?

sailoats at dry dock for winter storage

Winterizing a boat after the season is a great way to protect your boat from the harsh elements associated with boating. The winterization process is also an ideal time to thoroughly check all the aspects of the boat, allowing for repairs or servicing to be done during the winter months when it will cost you … Read more

Can You Beach A Boat With Bottom Paint?

Beached boat on the sand with Palm trees in the background

Bottom paints are made in various formulations to suit the conditions of the water and the type of usage of the boat. Ablative bottom paints are soft soapy-like finishes that wear off as the water moves over the hull’s surface. High copper content epoxy formulations create a hard and scratch-resistant surface. Beaching a boat with … Read more

Can I Leave My Boat in Saltwater?

Cuddy Cabin Boat tied up to the uncovered boat slip

Storing your boat is a very important decision that can determine its lifespan. If you store your boat on the water—especially saltwater—it is extremely important to properly winterize and remove as much salt out of the systems as possible before leaving it. How long you can leave it on the water is determined by a … Read more

Should I Turn My Boat Battery Off When Not in Use?

Boat Battery

The decision to turn off your boat’s battery is something that should not be made without understanding what happens when you do. There are several factors that determine which circumstances you can leave your battery on and when it is best to turn it off.  When you are not using your boat, you should turn … Read more

9 Best Practices for Towing a Pontoon Boat 

Truck Backing Boat into water

Pontoons are a great way to enjoy a calm day, chilling on the water. However, in order to enjoy any amount of time on the water, you first have to be able to get there. That means having a truck that’s capable of towing your pontoon as well as any other pieces of equipment you … Read more

7 Reasons My Pontoon Boat Prop Cavitates and How to Fix It 

Pontoon boat anchored with Bimini top

If you’ve done any amount of boating or pontooning, then you’ve likely experienced the strange phenomenon of cavitation. You might have experienced cavitation without even knowing what it was. It usually features strange vibrations on the bottom of your pontoon that you feel while standing or sitting. There are also loud popping or spinning noises … Read more