Step by Step: How to Free a Seized Jet Ski Engine

Carburetor on a stand up jet ski

You may find that your jet ski has a seized engine, especially after a long period without use, after a long ride that overheated the motor, or if you live in an area where rust build up is a large problem. To many people, especially those less experienced working on their own jet ski, this … Read more

How Fast Can You Drive with A Jet Ski Trailer?

Jet ski on trailer in driveway

This question can be a tricky one.  There are states that have different speed limits for pulling trailers than what they are for just driving your vehicle down the highway.  Know the requirements and the laws in the state that you plan on pulling your jet ski trailer in or through if you are going … Read more

Can You Jump Start A Jet Ski?

Honda F12X wave runner on the water

Imagine you are having a great day on the water, and suddenly your jet ski will not start. You are out in the middle of a lake with nowhere to go. You flag down the nearest boater and he has jumper cables. Is jump-starting a jet ski OK to do? There are dangers and risks … Read more

The Benefits of Trickle Charging a Jet Ski Battery

Charging a battery

Although most people have some experience with car batteries, new jet ski owners may not know that much about the battery in their jet ski.  Because jet skis aren’t ridden all year, jet ski batteries require some additional maintenance that isn’t required with a car battery.  Specifically, jet ski batteries need to be charged periodically … Read more

How to Ride a Jet Ski as a Passenger: 9 tips

family waving on a jet ski

If you were invited to ride as a passenger on a friend or family member’s jet ski, but are not as familiar with jet skis, you may be unsure or even afraid about what all being a passenger on a jet ski entails.  Even longtime jet ski enthusiasts may be hesitant to make the transition … Read more

How Much Thrust Does a Jet Ski Produce?

Jumping waves on a jet ski

It’s time for another science lesson! Last week, we talked about the chemistry of jet ski engine corrosion. This week, we’re going to discuss the physics of jet ski thrust.  Thrust is one of several components that affect jet ski speed. It’s also what gives the jet ski it’s “get up and go” feeling when … Read more

How to Carry Extra Gas on A Jet Ski?

Two jet skis with man woman and child

When you take your jet ski out for a ride on the lake and are planning on spending the day, or when you are taking a trip along the public waterways, to get from one location to another, sometimes there is the need to have additional fuel. On many larger waterways, there are marinas as to … Read more

Can You Put A Motorcycle Engine in A Jet Ski?

Riding a jet ski in the ocean waves

This seems to be a controversial topic as it can be done, but will require a LOT of time, money, and effort. I have also seen where it has been done. It seems to complete this project, it would take a lot of money, time, and ingenuity to accomplish this.  It would require the understanding of both … Read more

How to Remove Corrosion from Your Jet Ski’s Engine

Carburetor on a stand up jet ski

I hope you’re ready for a chemistry lesson today because it’s time to talk about one of the most common jet ski maintenance plights there is: engine corrosion.  How to remove corrosion from your jet skis engine? Prevention is the best weapon against engine corrosion. You can prevent your engine from corroding by keeping it … Read more

Are Jet Ski Keys Universal?

Beached jet skis

Let me guess, you lost the key to your jet ski? It’s okay, we’ve all been there.  As hard as you try, sometimes, keys just get lost or damaged.  Now, you’re probably wondering what to do next and you might have some questions. Are jet ski keys universal? Can you just buy another one online? … Read more