How To Clean A Snorkel Mask and Prevent Fogging

Using a microfiber towel to clean a full face snorkel mask

Cleaning your snorkeling equipment is an essential part of your preparations for going for a snorkel. You will extend the lifespan of the equipment and keep the underwater adventurer in you happy, especially when it comes to your snorkel mask.  The best way to clean a snorkel mask is by washing it with soap and … Read more

Can you Paddleboard with a Dog? Tips for a Successful Ride

Man and Dog riding a SUP Paddle Board

Paddleboarding with a dog is the perfect way to keep cool during the hot summer days. With a little bit of training and practice, you and your dog can be bonding in the middle of the lake in no time. Whether you have experience paddleboarding or are just a beginner, paddleboarding can create wonderful bonding … Read more

What Is The Weight Limit For A Paddleboard? Answered

Woman paddle boarding in the ocean

If you love all water-based activities, you may be interested in the new craze of paddleboarding. While paddleboarding is an extremely easy activity for any beginner, one of the most critical factors you should know is the weight limit of your paddleboard. Weight limits for paddleboards can vary depending on the manufacturer and materials used. … Read more