The Best ways to Tube, Wakeboard, and Ski behind a Jet Ski

Jet ski driving on the water

Watersports are one of the best things you can do in the summer. Whether you have a dedicated wakeboard boat, or simply a jet ski, you will be able to have loads of fun towing your friends and family on their tubes, wakeboards, and water skis. Can a Jet Ski or Waverunner tow a tube, … Read more

Here are the Hidden Costs to Own a Jet Ski

Honda F12X wave runner on the water

When you purchase a jet ski it can be one of the funnest days of your life, but there are additional costs that will come with ownership. Some you may have been aware of such as gas and insurance, and some you may have not been aware of such as a 10 hour break in … Read more

50+ Best Jet Ski Accessories you Must Have

Superjet on floating jet ski dock

Below are the top PWC / Jet Ski accessories you need for your adventures on the water. Whether you have a sit down waverunner or a stand up jet ski, these accessories will come in handy. These items are great for gifts or just because it is a Saturday. Happy riding! Life Jacket A life … Read more

How to buy the Perfect used Jet Ski, and what to Consider

2010 Yamaha Superjet on dock

Congratulations, you want to buy a jet ski! Perhaps you want to ride by yourself, have a significant other, or even a family who wants a fun toy to ride. There are many aspects to purchasing a used jet ski, so follow closely below. 2 Stroke or 4 Stroke Jet ski’s are available in either … Read more

How to Protect Your Jet Ski From Being Stolen

Jet Ski tied up to Dock

Have Insurance Insurance can be your best friend when it comes to personal water craft (PWC) this will help you in the case of an accident, injury, or if your craft becomes stolen. We have full coverage on our ski’s and it is well worth the cost as we also have roadside assistance and water … Read more

What happened to Honda Jet Skis? Are they worth buying today?

2007 Honda Aquatrax F12X

Honda Jet Skis were good looking, performed well, as well as are reliable in the standards of when they came out from 2002-2009. If you compare to today’s models, you may see newer skis that have double the horsepower. Personally, I have a Honda and it has been my most reliable ski out of many … Read more