Can you Jet Ski while Pregnant?

Even if you have a bun in the oven, you still want to enjoy summer and have fun, right? Sports like yoga, tennis, also running are all ok by doctors for pregnant women. But what if a mother-to-be wants to have some fun in the sun and water with a speedy ride on a jet ski?

This article will look at the possible problems with pregnant women riding a jet ski and give our final verdict based on evidence of potential injury. Even if pregnant women ride with someone else, it doesn’t change the effect that falling into the water could have on her body. There are few outdoor sports that involve as much thrashing and impact as jet skiing, and for this reason, jet-skiing while pregnant could be dangerous and not a very good idea.

Can you jet ski while pregnant? Yes, you technically can if you are on a slow bump-free ride, but it’s probably not a good idea. The main reason pregnant women should avoid riding jet skis while pregnant is the significant probability that they will fall off at speed into the water and harm the baby.

Why Do People Fall Off Of Jet Skis?

The most common reasons people fall off of jet skis is that they are traveling or turning at too fast of a speed. Falling off of a jet ski at high speeds can be very dangerous and cause spinal cord, head and limb injury. This is because at high rates when you hit the water, the force of impact is not soft. It could be as hard as hitting the ground. For this reason, pregnant women should not ride fast on jet skis.

Also, people fall off jet skis because they have trouble balancing because they are idling or moving too slowly. If a pregnant woman were trying to ride but just go slowly, it could be dangerous because it is more challenging to balance on a jet ski while riding at slow speeds. If you have a larger newer ski, balancing is not as much of a problem as they are pretty stable.

Can A Pregnant Woman Ride Along As A Passenger On Jet Ski?

Again, the risk of falling and injuring the baby is significant. However, if some same jet-skiing protocols are followed, it can be safely done. These safety procedures are listed below and include things that every boater should do and some specific to extreme safety during a pregnant woman’s ride on the back of a jet ski driven by someone else.

#1: Wear A Life Jacket

A floatation device is always a good idea while riding a jet ski. This ensures that even if you are knocked unconscious that you will at least float and can be saved by another person.

#2: Ride In Tandem

A pregnant woman is safer if she has a partner on the jet ski with her. That way, she can be picked up if she falls without having to strain and pull herself back onboard and also so that they can drive, and she can focus on balance. If a pregnant woman is having problems, there is also a partner there to help her out and get her back to shore as quickly as possible. This kind of support just isn’t possible on a solo ride. Tandem is the only kind of jet ski riding that we can deem safe in any way for a pregnant woman to do.

#3: Keep The Speed Down

A moderate speed that is safe but still fun is the way to go when you have precious cargo on board your jet ski. This means that you must take full turns, limit exposure to wakes, and keep the speed moderate so that no unforeseen waves thrash you too much. Stay in control and stay safe!

Can you ride a stand up jet ski while pregnant?

I would avoid riding a stand up while pregnant. There is just too much chance of getting injured or hitting the baby with the handle pole after hitting a wake.


There are many things that pregnant women can do outdoors that are less dangerous than jet skiing. Because of the probability of high impact falls into the water, it is not recommended for pregnant women to ride jet skis alone. If they are going to ride at all, it would be a good idea for a tandem ride at low speeds with safety gear.