Can You Capsize a Pontoon Boat?

Pontoon boat at the dock

Pontoon boats are generally safe, and they handle well in good conditions. They are very stable boats because of their two-tube design. However, in high seas or stormy weather, pontoon boats can nose-dive into a wave, making them unsafe in dangerous conditions, which may have you wondering if they can capsize. Pontoon boats can be … Read more

Can You Add a Third Pontoon to a Pontoon Boat? 2 Easy Options

Pontoon boat on trailer

Pontoon boats are known for being a family-friendly activity, with the added benefit of extra space. They are also generally regarded as a slower, more moderate choice of boat. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for your pontoon. You can add a third hull to a pontoon boat. This creates a “tritoon,” a … Read more

How to Beach a Pontoon Boat Without Causing Damage

Pontoon boat beached on a sandbar

Pontoon boats are considered one of the more popular types of recreational boats. Although virtually unsinkable, pontoon boats can be damaged, especially when attempting to beach. Pontoon boat owners must be familiar with the proper steps of beaching, as it is the most common way to damage your pontoon boat. We’ll acquaint you with the … Read more

3 Ways to Add a Toilet to any Boat

Open Bow boat towing a tube outboard

A family boat, whether it is a pontoon boat, ski boat, or other pleasure boat- what a great investment for your family. It grants you years of fun in the sun, and deletes those summer days with nothing to do. Find yourself on a lazy Sunday? Take your kids out on the water with no … Read more

Can You Add a Slide to a Pontoon Boat? 3 Great Options

Pontoon boat at the dock

We’ll bet anything that if you’re here, reading this article, you love your pontoon boat. It’s good for most any summer occasion, whether it be the Fourth of July, a family visit, or a free day you’d just like to spend on the water. But, there’s no reason not to wonder how you can make … Read more

How often should the impeller on a boat be replaced?

Boat propeller

Routine maintenance should include inspection and replacement of your impeller if it is showing signs of wear.  Some people say, “if you are inspecting it, you may as well replace it.” This is a simple task that could save you time and money and also prevent a great day on the water from turning into … Read more

Aluminum VS Stainless Steel Props: The Differences

Dual boat outboard motors with propellers

If you recently bought a boat that needs a few upgrades or you are looking to improve the performance of a boat you have owned for years, you may be confronted with deciding between installing an aluminum prop or stainless steel propeller. In the propeller industry, these are the two most common options a boat … Read more